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Die Keller Research Group ist eine kleine, aber wachsende Gruppe unter der Leitung von Dr. rer. nat. Markus A. Keller. Wir bieten ab sofort die Möglichkeit zur Durchführung von Masterarbeiten am Institut für Humangenetik im Themenbereich „Genetische Störungen des mitochondriellen Phopholipidstoffwechsels“.

Masterarbeit am Institut für Humangenetik


Transdisciplinary PhD Position on “Photochemical Control of Cellular Processes“

Transdisciplinary PhD Position on “Photochemical Control of Cellular Processes“


The PhD-responsibilities and research will be focused on bioinformatics and the successful candidates will be closely working with the associated biologically oriented projects in order to answer the scientific questions of the respective research projects. To this end, the PhD-candidates will develop new methods for data processing and statistical evaluation and implement their algorithms in form of generic and easy-to-use software applications. The developed tools will also be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences.

Project Employment, 30 hours